Let's breathe

for Martin

Donation for Departments 
of University Hospital in Martin
to fight the new coronavirus


Who we are?

Our goal is to get € 50,000. University hospital of Martin needs your help - and needs it now. Contribute to the purchase of fans and necessary medical equipment.

We founded the Let's breathe for Martin initiative as volunteers. We care to help the workplaces of the University Hospital in Martin. Soon there will be an increase of coronavirus patients.

We are in contact with the management of the hospital, the management of the city of Martin and the responsible persons - head physicians, doctors and nurses.

A separate transparent account is established under the civic association METRO. Any use of the financial resources will be consulted with University hospital management and the appropriate clinic.

Let's fight together!

Anežka Mitter

sanitation worker

Simona Holková


Matej Bórik

communication specialist


of the initiative

Please support our initiative. Help us get more resources, material help, or medical equipment. We thank you!

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